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Create Wikidata item for Queering Wikipedia 2021 - Task 3.1
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This is the third task of 3 for T319310. It is aimed at getting familiar with creating items on Wikidata.

If not familiar with Wikidata please check

Then inspect other Wikimedia movement events in Wikidata like Wikimania 2022

Based on understanding of structure and info needed, create a wikidata item for Queering Wikipedia 2021 Working Days.

If you have any technology related question direct it to and

If you have done some work and have open issues get in touch by sending us a link to your page and documentation page you just made (ideally by chat, email if a must). Once you are happy with your work make sure to register it as a contribution on the Outreachy website (!

We will send you a replies as soon as possible on the talk page for the contribution or in chat.

Event Timeline

Hi @Zend2020
I checked the item and it is not quite as precise as QW2022 and QW2023 items, so please check these and model to be as similar as possible. Thank you!

Okay, I will redo and revert.Many thanks

Yes,though it seems @Zblace
<> is back on
Zulip can try both.

@Zend2020 really nice job! Something else you could do is add the link to the corresponding meta page to the wikidata item. Meta pages can be added on the "Multilingual sites" section. You can also add the descriptions in a couple more languages to the wikidata item.

This work was corrected. Item done...will close.