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Organizer can associate registration with grant ID
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As an organizer, I can add the Wikimedia grant ID for the event (if any), so that Wikimedians and grant officials can more easily find and understand the linkage between the grant and the output (i.e., the event with registered participants).

Acceptance Criteria:

  • When an organizer is configuring the event registration form, they should be able to optionally add the grant ID
  • The details of the field are as follows:
    • The grant ID section should be the last section in the registration configuration form
    • The label for the field should be "Grant ID"
    • The grant ID information should be entered as freeform text
    • There should be a tooltip with informational help text that reads: "If this program or event is supported by a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation, please provide your Grant ID, which you can find in the Grantee Portal (Fluxx)."

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@Iflorez @Sadads @fnartey @IBrazal @Geugeor @Bachounda @KEchavarriqueen

Pinging folks for some community/grants perspective!

We're planning to allow organizers the option of associating registration with their grant ID in V2. Do you think the grant ID information should be publicly displayed somewhere on the event page (so there is more visibility into grants & their impact)? I believe it is already displayed publicly on Meta-wiki when they receive grant funding. Curious to hear your perspectives!

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@gonyeahialam We need to determine the text for validation for this ticket. I wrote some rough ideas, but I don't think they are great and would like some suggestions on how to improve them. Please see AC above; thanks!

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Just wanting to make sure if the grant ID will be made public or not? It is
currently not public.


Hello @KEchavarriqueen, our plan is for the grant ID to not be public. It will only be visible to the event organizers. The event organizers will be able to add and edit the grant ID. However, people who are not event organizers of that particular event will not be able to see the grant ID in the user interface. Is this the preferred or expected behavior from your end?

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I think this task is no longer relevant, hence resolving, given that all subtasks have already been completed.