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Add CentralAuth to the gated extensions list
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Tests for CheckUser that are run as part of the gated extensions tests need to reference two string constants in CentralAuthUser. While the string constant could be written out manually it is desirable to not do this in case the raw value of these constants are changed. Without CentralAuth in the gated extensions list CentralAuthUser is not accessible to CheckUser tests when running the gated extension tests.

For the time being I will write the string values in manually as the test does not rely on CentralAuth for any purpose.

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Change 850278 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dreamy Jazz; author: Dreamy Jazz):

[integration/config@master] Add CentralAuth to the gated extensions list

Sorry, this is not possible with the current architecture of CI. The "gate" means treating the extension/skin like MediaWiki core itself, always cloning and installing it and running its tests with every MediaWiki land patch.

CentralAuth intentionally (and rightly!) replaces MediaWiki core's auth stack with its own. When running CI with CentralAuth enabled, all of core's tests about its auth stack are skipped.

Adding CentralAuth to the gate would thus removal all CI testing of a critical part of MediaWiki core, sadly.

Ah. I had not realised that this was the case. The parent task made it seem that adding CentralAuth was something that would be okay in theory, but obviously not on further look. Is there any other way that CheckUser can access code in CentralAuth? Specifically I want to be able to use CentralAuthUser::AUTHENTICATE_GOOD_PASSWORD over writing out "good password" in an integration test.

Change 850278 abandoned by Dreamy Jazz:

[integration/config@master] Add CentralAuth to the gated extensions list


Per -2 plus explanation on the ticket this ain't happening.