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Touch screen interface for "hovering" or cueing pop-ups fails
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Author: Birgitte_SB

Various things depend upon hovering the cursor to cue a pop-up. One example is this template ( used to signify spelling mistakes in original documents at Wikisource. I can't seem to operate this function on my iPad with only a touchscreen interface available. The closest thing to "hovering" in this interface only cues hightailing of the text.

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Severity: normal
OS: other
Platform: Macintosh



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I'm not sure I completely understand the problem.

Is it possible that the desktop version of wikisource uses an extension to add this behaviour? If so this will not work at the current time I'm afraid as the MobileFrontend extension is not integrated with any other extension... (e.g. these extensions will not work inside the mobile site context)

Thanks for your feedback!

Birgitte_SB wrote:

I don't think it is special extention. And there are several tools and use cases that rely on the behavior that has been lost. Look at the second paragraph, penultimate sentance of this:

When you place a mouse over that is does something, I am not on a desktop right now. I think it some kind of pop-up behaviour. But I can't access it from my tablet.

Also I wrote this bug about year ago. I just changed it to copy the same categories as I as saw the other day on some other mobile bugs. I think they are wrong because am not using any mobile extension. It is a bug connect to mobile experience. But I am using vanilla Safari and vanilla en.WS. Not the mobile URL. So I guess I don't know where this bug goes. I am using an iPad so the mobile URLs are always *too* mobile and even worse than struggling through pages designed for a desktop. I have some more, but I don't want to write them until I know how to label them for issues with editing from a tablet but all vanilla.

Do you mean the tooltip [sic] that appears when you hover over with your mouse? if so the problem is that tooltips will not be triggered on touch devices so this would need to be rethought on how it might work on ipad.

The MobileFrontend extension applies to anything on the m. domain e.g.

If this is a problem with viewing the desktop site (en.) via your ipad it's probably best to mark this under mediawiki and in the title mention the problem is on the ipad - usually someone will find the right home for it.

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Declined. Do not rely on the title attribute of links for important things, as indeed they do NOT appear on touch devices. This is not a bug, it's just how it is. If you have something that really requires, you will have to find alternative implementation routes (possibly with JS gadgets or something alike).