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Fix logo in Kyrgyz Wikipedia
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Hi. After updating the interface, the outdated logo of the Kyrgyz Wikipedia was returned. Its needs to fix.
Previous interface.
Current interface.
The task of changing the logo due to the name change.


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Should be related to T319223: [XL] Deploy new set of logos for all Wikipedias except Gothic Wikipedia, there's a problem with the locally existed wordmark (static/images/mobile/copyright/wikipedia-wordmark-ky.svg). @Jdlrobson would you mind have a look at this? Thanks!

I'm out for most of this week, but feel free to address this issue in my absence (if we can get a correct logo). I've added it as a subtask of T322041 so this is not lost.

I can confirm a new KY wordmark was added in T319223 that is inconsistent with the existing logo. Since Vector 2022 is the default skin now for this wiki, we should either revert to text or replace it with a correct version logo. Leaving to @ovasileva to get prioritized accordingly.

ovasileva triaged this task as Medium priority.Tue, Nov 8, 10:25 AM
ovasileva added a project: Readers-Web-Backlog.

@Bosogo my apologies for this mistake. Can you please update the SVG of the Kyrgyz Wikipedia here:

That is what we used to generate the new logo, which is why we ended up using the old version of the logo.

I am going to close this task and merge it into our other task, where we will take care of updating to the new version of the Kyrgyz Wikipedia logo.