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Validate shared and exported reading list data
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The following wiring is to be put in place for the sharable and exported reading lists:

We will track all events in the MobileWikiAppReadingLists schema

User shares a list: action = share
User receives a shared list:
action = receive_start - user sees the dialog box that says they need to go back and tap the shared link again to import the shared list.
action = receive_preview - user sees the Preview dialog after tapping the shared link.
action = receive_cancel - user rejects the Preview dialog.
action = receive_finish - user accepts the Preview dialog, and the list is now saved.


User exports list(s): action = export
User imports list(s):
action = import_start - user begins the import process, i.e. goes to the file picker to choose a file to import.
action = import_cancel - user cancels the import process.
action = import_finish - user completes the import process, and the imported lists are now merged.

listcount - Number of lists imported / exported

action = survey_shown - The survey dialog is shown to the user.

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LGoto triaged this task as Medium priority.Oct 31 2022, 4:27 PM

@Sharvaniharan I've added the necessary new actions to the schema, and have wired up the Sharing feature branch to use it. Once the Exporting pull request is rebased onto the feature branch, you can hook into the updated funnel, as well.

Dbrant claimed this task.