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Support igbinary with SqlBagOStuff
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This would cut down on network I/O, binlog size, and replication overhead.

We already have a flags field in the table to support that. 0 means "legacy, assume gzipped if zlib present and gzinflate() works".

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SqlBagOStuff is powers the MainStash DB and the ParserCache DB. Motivation would be potentially reducing read and write times for those through less CPU work for encode/decode, and possibly less bandwidth.

Per @aaron the main motivation is actually not latency but infra cost. To decide on priority of this, I guess it's worth quantifying whether we are under pressure there and/or what kind of cost it would avoid or reduce. E.g. who benefits from this? (That is to say, reducing usage of a disk that can accomodate it already isn't worthwhile per-se.)