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Implement Feedback Form and use placeholder link
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The team is rolling out the capability of sharing reading lists in the apps. We will offer a survey for users to provide feedback for the following actions:

  • Sharing
  • Receiving through a link

The contents of the feedback form will be once T321524 is complete. For now the logic and dialog can be implemented. It should look the same as the dialog used in T309783 but the logic will be different (see below).

Key Indicators
  • If at least 70% of users report satisfaction with feature, we will scale the feature incorporating suggested improvements
  • If 31-69% of users report satisfaction with feature, we will make adjustments and relaunch the experiment
  • If only 30% of users report satisfaction with feature we will consider cutting it
  • If 10% or more of users report experiencing abuse or harassment through the feature we will cut it
  • If 5% or more of users report experiencing abuse or harassment we will have a meeting with Trust and Safety and the Legal team for next steps
Must Haves
  • Survey should pop up as a dialog after an action is complete
  • There should be an option to take the survey later with later being the next time the user opens the app and a dismiss option for opting out
  • We should know which platform the survey user is using (iOS or Android)
  • Get updated privacy policy
  • Should not be viewable until T321524 is complete
  • Sign off from Analytics



Could you help us improve this feature?
Sharing and exporting reading lists is a test feature and we need your feedback to improve or remove it.
Take survey
Read privacy policy

Feedback form links


  • iOS: Use Receive links
  • Android: Use both Receive + Send links
  • ✓ = Survey translation is verified by a second person


User Stories
  • As a Wikipedia Android app user and student in Morocco, I want to export my reading lists, so that I can use it at the Mohammed V University school library
  • As a Wikipedia Android app user in Ghana, I want to share my reading list with a family member in the US that has an iOS device, so they can read the articles I've saved about Accra ahead of their trip home in December.
  • As a Wikipedia Android app user organizer in South Asia, I want to share reading list via Whatsapp after an event, so people that have attended know which articles are in need of contributions
Target Quant Regions and Languages

Regions: Africa (Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, DR Congo, Angola, and Ghana) and South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal)

Primary Languages: English, Arabic, Hindi, French, Bengali, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Urdu
Secondary Languages: Sinhala, Egyptian Arabic, Swahili, Persian, Nepali, and Telegu

Target Qualitative Audience

Usability testing and design research must be conducted with low vision and low bandwidth users. Usability testing and design research must be conducted in target regions and top 5 languages of each region with diversity in age, screen size, low tech and app experience, and with no more than 40% of male participants.

Event Timeline

scblr subscribed.

Hey @Dbrant (and CC: @JTannerWMF) – I added all survey links to the task’s description. Please make sure to use the Receive + Send survey links on Android. Also, note that most translations have not yet been verified by a second pair of eyes (see checkmark ✓). The links will not change, but there’ll likely be translation updates. Let me know if you have any questions.