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Request creation of idm-dev VPS project
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Project Name: idm-dev

Wikitech Usernames of requestors: slyngshede

Purpose: Test and development of an identity management solution and Puppet code to deploy the application.

Brief description: Infrastructure Foundations is developing an identity manager, see: for details. We need somewhere to run a test/development installation, in order to allow other SREs to try out our implementation and feature as we move along. OpenStack seems ideal as that will also allow us to quickly iterate on the Puppet code for the project. The expectations are only a few instances, two or three, but initially just one. Disk requirements are limited, less than 100GB, 16 vCPU at the most (we can do with less) and at most 32GB of memory (My guess is that we can make do with 16GB).

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: Within the next two weeks would be great, but we're not blocked if it takes longer.

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+1. I think this should start with the default project quota. Folks can always request more quota when you know you need it.

The docker-compose managed demo environment for Striker that includes OpenLDAP, OpenStack Keystone, 2 MediaWiki instances, a Phabricator instance, a GitLab CE omnibus container, and Striker itself all fits comfortably on a single g3.cores4.ram8.disk20 instance. Developing Puppet modules and profiles would likely lead to spreading this out a bit, but it is likely still quite possible within the default 8 instance, 8 CPU cores, 16GB RAM quota.

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Project created, you are now able to manage it via Horizon.