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🎬️ desktop-de-10 | Address form | ⏰ Nov 7th
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Acceptance Criteria

  • The banners are based on the variant banner of **desktop-de-09**.
  • Submitting the form of the control banner leads to the default donation form.
  • Submitting the form of the variant banner leads to the donation form variant that asks if users want to either provide their full address data or just their e-mail address.


  • We need to reactivate the donation form test setup address_type_steps.
  • The variants we want to use from that are:
    • direct
    • require_address

banner PR:
frontend PR:
app PR:

Event Timeline

Pull requests and solve this ticket and do the cleanup for the Fundraising App.

The URL parameter for the banners will be &ast=0 for "normal" address form and &ast=1 for the "email only" address form. Pass it as an object to the formActionProps property of the DonationForm component.

@kai.nissen Is a full name and email address sufficient for SEPA and processing by VEWA? If not, you might want to test the flow of selecting email-only and then going back to the payment data - should the "Lastschrift" option be disabled or have a notification?

To get an overview of what address types are currently left

direct (ticket language)/
BasicAddressType.vue or AddressTypeBasic.vue (code language):

Bildschirmfoto vom 2022-11-07 14-41-12.png (638×818 px, 58 KB)

multistep_var or require_address (ticket language) /
AddressTypeNoAnon.vue or AddressTypeFullOrEmail.vue (code language):

Bildschirmfoto vom 2022-11-07 14-43-32.png (808×726 px, 75 KB)

@CorinnaHillebrand_WMDE since it is a retest, we have to collapse the form like we did last year

image.png (383×390 px, 68 KB)

@tmletzko we fixed that some minutes ago, I redeployed to testing01, you can have a look

app changes are merged are deployed to production