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Introduce a Developer Advocacy Team Handbook
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The Team Handbook aims to contain living solutions for team descriptions, roles & responsibilities, operations, workflows, and collaboration practices.

After its completion, the Team Handbook will live on Office Wiki.

Deadline: Q3.


Initiation phase

  • Set up Team Handbook structure.
  • Develop each section of the Team Handbook.
  • Document it before sharing it with the Manager.


  • Manager/team representative: reviews the Team Handbook and provides feedback.
  • Project Manager: iterate on Manager's comments and feedback in the structure.

Team presentation

  • Present Team Handbook to Developer Advocacy team members for feedback.
  • Send an e-mail with instructions and give a two-week window to provide any feedback.
  • Implement recommendations, modifications, and other observations by the team.
  • Final review by team representative
  • Upload content to Officewiki.


  • Set a revision date for the content with the team and refresh it accordingly.

Event Timeline

[Moving here from 1:1:] We have some Phab project tags that we interact with, in addition to our team tag: Technical-blog-posts, Outreach-Programs-Projects, International-Developer-Events, Key docs update 2021-22 etc. We don't really have a concept of using/following them which could be covered. While nobody else in the team should care if I created some Phab project tag, some tasks and projects do feel like "more than 1 person on this team" level where I'd draw my blurry line.

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(Tasks must have at least one active team project tag or codebase project tag so a task can be found in a related bucket (task search result, workboard, etc). Thus I'm re-adding Developer-Advocacy as this task is about Developer-Advocacy (and nothing else applies).)