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Authoring and editing experience of translatable pages
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Tracking task for work related to "Authoring and editing experience of translatable pages".

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T31928: Show translated titles per user language in categories too
T52103: "Do not invalidate translations" checkbox at [[Special:PageTranslation]] should be checked by default if change does not require updating translations
T55974: Create a VisualEditor plugin tool to add/edit translations and translation variables (Translate extension)
T63422: Section preview in new wikitext editor shows Translate markup
T102710: pt-shake-multiple' and other complex Special:Translate error messages should link to on-wiki documentation
T131516: Reduce or eliminate the need for the user to touch <translate> tags and unit markers
T143326: Invent automatic segmentation in translation units without <translate> tags
T199030: Allow excluding sections from translations (e.g. <notranslate>)
T214392: Translate's translatable page notice disappears when page is updated after VisualEditor (wikitext) save
T230291: Better handling of lists
T247267: Add a new special page to fork (duplicate) a translatable page
T252096: Automatically mark pages for translation on saving / update
T255815: Introduce optional messages in page translation
T258589: 2017WTE does not update the translation status message
T297970: Error when using Translate extension to translate {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} contents
T300785: Hide unchanged translation units in Special:PageTranslation
T305240: Make "Allow translation of page title" switched off by default for pages in Template: namespace
T306195: Allow to mark units as obsolete/discouraged
T313748: Allow translatable templates to be shown in the user interface language
T314833: Allow reusing the same translation unit during page translation