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Community discussion about Structured Task improvements
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User story

As a Product Manager, I want to be sure we follow up with communities after we have completed work to improve Structured Tasks based on community feedback.


We will soon close out the Structured Tasks: Patroller Focus epic T315732, which addresses several requested improvements along with work to make some changes based on community feedback.

Although we plan to close this epic, work to continue to improve and iterate on structured tasks will continue:

  • We will continue to work on improvements to the Add an Image structured task in March: T293711
  • While also addressing minor improvements overtime as we work through maintenance work: T320744
Acceptance criteria

Create a communication plan for Ambassadors for Structured Tasks: Patroller Focus
Include mention of Add a link: prioritize suggestions of underlinked articles (T301096) to see if there is any feedback specific to this change.
Update if needed. Add any follow up Phab tasks from this list if there is community agreement that we should pursue the change in the future.

Communication plan

After the deployment of Structured tasks, we received feedback from various communities regarding how recent changes patrollers were feeling overwhelmed by an increase of edits to check, how some edits were of poor quality or poor relevance. The feedback was gathered at

Actions taken

We based our work on the feedback received. Several points of improvement have been addressed:

  • patrollers fatigue: newcomers can complete up to 25 of Structured tasks per day. If patrollers are overburdened, each community can now use Special:EditGrowthConfig to lower this number.
  • quality of edits:
    • we increased the score on link recommendation service suggestions so that less links are suggested, but are more relevant.
    • underlinked articles are now suggested in priority
    • Along with the patrollers fatigue improvement, the number of suggested links per article has been lowered to 3. This can be changed at Special:EditGrowthConfig. Communities can also exclude links from articles containing certain templates or categories.
    • We completed work to ensure lists and disambiguation pages don't receive image suggestions.
  • Quality of edits was not a well defined concept. We initiated a discussion and summarized the findings at

We will also improve our communication processes, improve Add an Image (starting in March 2023) and address minor improvements overtime as we work through maintenance work. Our next project is to work on leveling up users


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