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Donors receiving unintended pay the fee (PTF) amounts EN6C 2022
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We are seeing donors report higher than intended Pay The Fee amounts. The common tendencies in the 10 tickets so far are that they are fundraising email recipients and used the Other amount input. The fee is double the amount intended.

We are tracking cases here (thank you for the research @Pcoombe) to see if we can isolate cause(s).

Theories from Peter and @krobinson:

  • donors may be thinking they have to manually add the fee themselves. So they select an amount e.g. $5, see the tickbox and tick it, then use the Other input to manually increase their gift to $5.35.
  • donors may get their previous donation e.g $5.35 preselected in the Other box, and they think the PTF checkbox is just going to direct that $0.35 to paying the fee, rather than adding another $0.35.
  • donors receive an email from us, with their previous donation amount, which is rounded ot the nearest whole number (donors who previously donated 5.35 or 10.40 just see 5 or 10 in the copy of the email). Donors then click renew, and it takes them to a form where their previous amount is populated in the other field (so despite clicking on 'renew 5' the form shows 5.35, for example. They then see the new PTF prompt, and say yes, taking the total to 5.70.

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This is probably an @EMartin and @Pcoombe conversation?

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