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Document deletion tagging workflows on non-English wikis that have expressed a recent interest in PageTriage
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Hey @Mathis_Benguigui. Sounds like your wiki might be interested in testing out PageTriage. Can you talk a bit about how deletion works on your wiki. For example,

  • do you have speedy deletion? does this just add one tag to a page, and then notify the user talk with a template? can you link to the list of tags?
  • do you have deletion nomination discussions? what's the workflow for nominating a page for deletion? similar to speedy deletion, but also needs to create a consensus discussion page somewhere, and perhaps write to a log? can you link to the instructions for this?
  • is redirect deletion a separate process? how does that work? can you link?
  • any other kinds of deletion?

Trying to see how much we would need to tweak PageTriage to get it working on your wiki. Thanks.

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Hi @Novem_Linguae, sorry for the delay, I was away for family reasons.

  • Yes, we have speedy deletion, with pages to list on Wikipédia:Demande de suppression immédiate. No notification needed, it is done by a bot.
  • Yes, we also have deletion nomination discussions. Instruction in French are on this help page, and the main steps are:
    • Pages might have the template {{Admissibilité à vérifier}} before the discussion, but it is not mandatory. It should be removed when discussion starts.
    • Any user can open a discussion by inserting the template {{Admissibilité}} on the top of the page.
    • Any page except Special: namespace can be nominated for deletion.
    • The discussion takes place on a talkpage (Discussion: namespace) subpage "/Admissibilité" (e.g. for page "Test", the discussion page would be "Discussion:Test/Admissibilité").
    • The new discussion has to be listed on Wikipédia:Débat d'admissibilité, in current day's section (#{{CURRENTDAY}} {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}) with the template {{L|name of the page}}
    • Main contributors to the page and linked wikiprojects (namespace Projet:) should be informed of the discussion with the template {{subst:Avertissement débat d'admissibilité|Name of the page}} for classical talkpages and {{Avertissement débat d'admissibilité (Flow)|Name of the page}} for structured discussions talkpages. This can be partially manual: as an example, a gadget we currently commonly use to start and end deletion discussions, named PaStec, shows a list of contributors and wikiprojects with checkboxes to (un)check and a validation button to send messages.
  • No separate process for redirections, classical speedy deletion.
  • No other kind of deletions, or at list not usual ones that would be interested to integrate in the tool.

Please ask if you have any other question.

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Copied from T323378, original post by @StevenSun:

Here are some patrolling workflows:

  • Speedy deletion
    1. Place {{Delete}} on the article with reasons. For example: {{Delete|G1|c1=comment for G1}} (G1 is a reason. See other reasons in [NOTE1]. Comment is optional).
    2. Notify article creator with {{subst:db-notice|target=Article Name}}--~~~~ on their talk page.
  • Articles for deletion
    1. Place {{vfd}} on the article with reasons, type and date (See possible types on [NOTE2]). For example: {{Vfd|Reason|Type|date=yyyy-MM-dd}}
      • For redirect page, use {{Vfd|Reason|r|date=yyyy-MM-dd}}
    2. Open a new section and place this subst on today's nomination page ([[Wikipedia:頁面存廢討論/記錄/yyyy/MM/dd]]): {{subst:DRItem | Type = detele (other types see [NOTE3]) | DRarticles = Article Name | Reason = Reasons | To = Target destination to merge into (See [NOTE4]) }}--~~~~
    3. Notify article creator with {{subst:AFDNote|Page Name}}--~~~~ on their talk page.

  • [NOTE1]: Possible reasons are: G1 G2 G3 G5 G8 G10 G11 G12 G13 G14 G15 G16 G17 A1 A2 A3 A5 A6 R2 R3 R5 R6 R7 R8
  • [NOTE2]: a or article for article page. r or redirect for redirect page. wiktionary, quote, book, source, voyage, versity for "This page should be moved to wiktionary, qoute, etc."
  • [NOTE3]: delete for general deletion. fame for notability deletion. merge for request to merge article. vm for request to move to other Wikimedia projects.
  • [NOTE4]:
    • If Type=merge, fill target article name to be merged into in this field.
    • If Type=vm, use following parameter: vmd for wiktionary, vms for wikisource, vmb for wikibooks, vmq for wikiqoute, vmvoy for wikivoyage, or vmv for wikiversity.