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Design exploration: Language fallback for Wikidata's mobile termbox
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Fallback chain

Screenshot 2023-01-31 172626.png (316×636 px, 33 KB)

Open questions:

  • How should the user workflow change to allow language fallback? (see T312231#8362204)
  • How to best reflect the language fallback chain in the list, considering mul and Babel (e.g. uselang should likely be on top; see T316767 / T312231#8364479)

Clear now:

  • Label and Description in the heading can be in different languages (see T312231#8362204)


  • "no native label" can in the future be desired in some mul-related cases (see T312097)
  • "no native description" could maybe in the future be desired in some cases (see T313833)


Event Timeline

The exploration is done, the Figma already includes a new design, thank you Sarai! \o/