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[REQUEST] Support for Diff blog post about Product & Tech
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Note: this request originally came from Deb via Slack on Nov 4. @kzimmerman responded that day in the blog post document with links to decks and spreadsheets that would have relevant data. Kelsi responded in the doc with follow-up data questions on Nov 15, some of which require additional digging.

Name for main point of contact and contact preference
@debt, tag in draft blog document

What teams or departments is this for?
Product & Tech; Deb is working with Kelsi who reached out to Tajh & Selena for help on putting this together

What are your goals? How will you use this data or analysis?

What are the details of your request? Include relevant timelines or deadlines
Comms is doing a blog post to talk up Tech & Prod in a new Diff blog post, hopefully to be published on Monday, Nov 14 (because of the holidays on Nov 8 and Nov 11). I would love it if you can help with some numbers and information in the draft blog post, to help fill it out accurately with data! There are several places in the blog that you can help with, and hopefully you can give a quick read-through and add whatever info you feel is good to add!
The draft blog is here, and open to edits by anyone in WMF. I'll check in with you on Monday and see if there are any questions or concerns. If you'd like to simply ping me some decks to scour for data / numbers - I'm totally happy to do that too! I'm sure most of the stuff that Kelsi/Comms is asking for in the blog are things we've already written down in a recent deck or two.

Is this request urgent or time sensitive?

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Links provided in the document on Nov 4:

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Kelsi had asked some follow up questions in the document, capturing those here for future reference:

Question: can we get data for how the number of active wikipedias has changed over 10+ years?
My answer: I don't have a definitive answer for # of Wikipedias 10 years ago, but from a first look - using as a reference and going back in the edit history - it appears there were roughly 285 languages ( But the list at that time didn't differentiate between active and non-active languages.
It might be a stronger statement to say that Wikipedia is now available in over 300 languages.

Question: can we get data for how overall content has changed over 10+ years?
My answer: For number of articles, we use this link: and report on it at the end of the fiscal year. I added a line for 2012 in this spreadsheet: (see the "Total Wikipedia articles" tab)