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Investigate schema android_article_toc_interaction
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The schema for android_article_toc_interaction is shown in the mobile_apps directory but I'm unable to see it using Hue and get an error querying on Superset ("The table "analytics_hive.event.android_article_toc_interaction" does not exist. A valid table must be used to run this query.")

Please check if this needs to be altered to enable access. This is a low priority request, I am currently able to use data from the Legacy version - MobileWikiAppToCInteraction.

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Hi @SNowick_WMF

So far I have checked that we are sending events properly on the app side. However, I was unable to test the events coming into the stream. I usually use this to check beta events, with the stream name like this: for some reason I neither see it in this nor in any of the validation streams. - it needs to be seen in either one of them. Looks like that is broken? i have pinged the data team on slcck to let me know how to test. Will check this back again when I am back.

So far I have checked that we are sending events properly on the app side.

I don't think I'm seeing these events sent from the app. How were you able to verify this?

I was seeing the events getting submitted to be sent - had verified this with a log message, but you are right @Dbrant they were not actually getting sent.

Looks like I forgot to get this patch deployed:

@SNowick_WMF Thank you for the investigatory queries... all these schemas should work oncce that patch gets deployed... will get that done once I am back on 11/28:-)

Hi @SNowick_WMF ,

This is deployed and now ready to be validated. Please lmk if you see data . May be give it 24 hours to be available on all servers.
Thank you.

I did a basic daily event query to compare the 2 tables, we are seeing data but not an exact match. I will investigate further but wanted to note that we are seeing data now: Data

@Sharvaniharan please investigate T324868
We seem to be sending events with unwanted parameters. (namely, it looks like we're including a wiki_db field, but it's not included in the schema.)

@Dbrant good catch - that might explain the discrepancies in event counts between Legacy and the new table.

Verified the other schemas in this list as well 🎉