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Weird flash when opening sticky search
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When opening the search field in the sticky header there is a weird flash:


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If it did regress it’s likely an issue with the Codex deployment (the problem I describe in

This was once a smooth transition when T297531 was complete, but it looks like it has since regressed again, unfortunately. IMHO, It is one of many examples of the difficulty we have had trying to maintain a pixel perfect intermediate state of the search component before the wvui/codex search experience loads and renders.

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Seems related to the CSS components work with Design Systems so tagging accordingly.

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Test Result - Prod

Status: ✅ PASS
Environment: Enwiki
OS: macOS Ventura
Browser: Chrome
Device: MBP
Emulated Device:NA

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QA Steps

✅ AC1: When opening the search field in the sticky header there should not be a weird flash:

Screen Recording 2023-06-16 at 3.39.17 (594×1 px, 584 KB)

@Jdlrobson This looks good.