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Account creation: Fundraising Thank you page campaign OKR analysis (2023)
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User Story: As a Product Manager, I want data on the effectiveness of this campaign, because that data can help us decide to continue, iterate, or stop this campaign.

For the TY page campaign, we have the following OKRs:

  1. 3.5% of unique people who see the TY Page with a primary CTA create accounts
  2. 4.6% of the accounts created make a first unreverted edit (i.e. “constructive activation”)

For the first OKR, Growth will calculate the number of accounts created for a given language/market pair while Fundraising will provide the number of unique donations for said pair.

For the second OKR, Growth will gather a dataset of accounts created for each language/market pair and use either MediaWiki history or another authoritative source of edit data to calculate the proportion of accounts that were activated through constructive edits (not reverted within 48 hours). Growth's standard definition of "activation" means the activating edit is made within 24 hours of registration.

Previous Results: Newcomer TY Banners and TY Page FY2122

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We worked on a related task: T352900: Thank You page experiment: Final analysis of English Wikipedia experiment, and I don't believe this task will be completed.