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🎬️ desktop-de-13 | Reintroduce red border banner | ⏰ Nov 21st
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Test Scope
We want to test the effect of reintroducing the red border banner.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The banners are based on the variant banner of desktop-de-12.
  • The control and variant banner have the same height.
  • The variant banner
    • uses the design of desktop-wpde-01 or ipad-en-01.
    • keeps the radio button form instead of the flat button form of above reference banners.
    • supports the multi-step form of desktop-wpde-01-var.
    • supports the soft-close feature of ipad-en-01-var.
  • Screenshots are created and uploaded to Shutterbug.

Banner Preview
control banner
variant banner

Event Timeline

One tiny thing that has probably been around a while:
When using the custom amount field, the amount is displayed with decimal places. This is fine, but makes the headline on the 2nd form page get overlapped by the close button. We should limit the width of the headline to prevent that.

I added some padding for the title in this commit:,
couldn't observe any overlapping behaviour on my machine (firefox) though.

I redeployed the test13 banners to Central Notice with that fix.