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Add priority tuning for generating Sitemaps
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Patch for adding priority customisation in generateSitemap.php maintenance script

As we have a $wgSitemapNamespaces array variable, I would suggest to add a similar associative array for tuning priorities (apart from the default ones).


$wgSitemapNamespacesPriorities = array(NS_MAIN => '0.9', NS_TALK => '0.1', NS_CUSTOM => '1.0', NS_CATEGORY => '0.5', NS_USER => '0.7', NS_USER_TALK => '0.1');

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: enhancement




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Related, but not strictly a dupe: bug 16742.

john wrote:

Thank you very much for the patch you contributed, it has been applied with some modifications in r95320 . Mainly, when adding configuration options it's important to add them to DefaultSettings.php so they can be accounted for and documented. Also, MediaWiki has some specific guidelines about code formatting which are documented here:

But thank you for providing a bug report and patch for us, it benefits everyone. Hope to see more in the future from you :)