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Editing raw watchlist (when the watchlist is big) fails with an error
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As an editor I want to raw edit my watchlist.

When the watchlist is very long, I get the following error:

Request from via cp3056 cp3056, Varnish XID 151049881
Upstream caches: cp3056 int
Error: 500, Internal Server Error at Sat, 05 Nov 2022 22:32:49 GMT

Acceptance criteria:
Watchlist can be edited raw regardless of the size.

Open questions:

  • At what point does this problem begin to occur? (what constitutes a "big" watchlist)

See previous discussion:
Wikidata:Report a technical problem#My Watchlist

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@Reedy T41510 is about Special:EditWatchlist, this task is about Special:EditWatchlist/raw. While the root cause may be the same, the solution is likely going to be different, as a pager is probably not a good solution for a page like Special:EditWatchlist/raw that contains a single huge <textarea>.

There's no reason you couldn't use a pager to populate a <textarea>.