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Track AFB accessibility testing results in phab
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Now that American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) has finished their testing, we want to track their findings, either in the form of new tickets or updating existing tickets.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Every row in the excel sheet above has an associated task or note.
  • If necessary, questions answered in the "Wikimedia Questions" document is reflected in tasks

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List of issues

1Some items in Language menu not spoken by NVDAT325008
2Improper focus when closing Language menuT325009
3Difficult to navigate Personal Tools menu with JAWST325377
4Improper Landmark nameFixed T318178
5Improper Landmark nameT325010
6No indication of active tabT20465
7Improper use of a table for content layoutT325013
8Improper use of a table for content layout
9Poorly tagged images throughout
10Unlabeled buttonsT325016
11Videos have no audio
12Bad titles in Media Player
13Icon should be skipped by screen readers
14Mislabeled buttonFixed T318178
15Focus improperly taken to top of pageT325020
16Focus order of the hidden TOC is not logicalFixed T318013
17Search Field label too verboseT325022
18Search field speaks two different shortcutsT325022
19Go button disappears after entering Search fieldT325024
20Unlabeled links
21No reflowT325025

List of questions answered by AFB

1How are your impressions of the landmark regions in modern vs legacy Vector?Validates T291304
2How are your impressions of the heading structure in modern vs legacy Vector?Validates T290280
3aModern Vector moves the page toolbar below the page titlebar and into <main>. This has resulted in keyboard users needing to tab through more elements before reaching the article text (more context). What’s the best approach to maintain the experience for keyboard users while adhering to accessibility best practices?Validates T312818
3bHow important is it for the TOC to be inside <main>?Validates T308055
4How accessible are our dropdown menus to screen reader users?
4aAdditionally, what are your thoughts on this alternate option, which uses aria-hidden on the label element to reduce verbosity for screen readers?Validates T325026
5How does the accessibility of the table of contents compare in modern vs legacy Vector? Including the collapsed TOC implementation on viewports under 1000px.
6The sticky header in modern Vector is entirely hidden from screen reader users given it contains purely duplicated content. What do you think of this approach?Validates T290201 and T314949
7How accessible is the contents of the language dropdown in modern Vector?
8Does modern Vector’s search field fulfill user expectations in regards to keyboard and screen reader accessibility and is beneficially usable?
9Does our analysis of accessibility requirements for the in progress Page Tools feature (design prototype, task) cover accessibility concerns?Validates T318690
LGoto set the point value for this task to 1.Dec 15 2022, 6:04 PM

I realized I never updated this task, but AFB forgot to include feedback from their testing with VO with Safari from the original report. They sent us the updated deliverables but I never updated this task. Here are the updated files, nothing drastically different with the results