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Add parameter for immediate banner display
Open, Needs TriagePublic


The banners should check the URL for a parameter when determining the appearanceDelay parameter for the BannerPresenter class. When that parameter is present, its number is used instead of the other defaults (delay in the container and default delay).

Acceptance criteria:

  • All banners in all Channels use the new parameter

Implementation Details:

Currently, all banners use the line bannerContainer.dataset.delay || 5000, (on mobile) or bannerContainer.dataset.delay || 7500, on desktop in the banner_ctrl.js and banner_var.js files.

Suggestion: create a class with a getBannerDelay(default) function that gets the bannerContainer element as a constructor parameter and additionally checks window.location.query for the existence and value of another parameter (e.g. bannerDelay)

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