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AWB feature request: format spaces in infoboxes
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It would be a great addition to AWB if it could automatically format infoboxes (and perhaps also developed "cite" templates, such as {{cite book}}) to make it easier to read the wikicode of articles.

Change this:

{{Infobox XYZ
|first parameter=foo
|3rd parameter=bar

Into this:

{{Infobox XYZ
 | first parameter  = foo
 | second_parameter = 
 | 3rd parameter    = bar
 | 4th              = bazzzzz
 | 5th              = 
 | etc.             = 

If it can help, I have been looking for a RegEx to do this and have already asked on the AutoHotKey forum (link), where I was given an AHK script, and also a JavaScript script that works on wp.en (User:Taavi/Aligner.js).


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