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🎬️ desktop-de-15 | Read later | ⏰ Nov 25th
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Test Scope
We want to test the effect of putting the soft close feature into the banner text.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The banners are based on the control banner of desktop-de-14.
  • The variant banner has a slightly different text containing a link that closes the banner without setting a banner display prevention cookie.
  • Closing the banner by clicking the link in the banner text triggers a different close event (banner-closed-maybelater-link).

Banner copy

Vielleicht kommen wir gerade ungelegen, aber dennoch: Klicken Sie jetzt bitte nicht weg!Falls wir gerade ungelegen kommen, können Sie unseren Spendenaufruf später lesen. Ansonsten kommen wir gleich zur Sache:

Banner Preview
control banner
variant banner

Event Timeline

tmletzko added a subscriber: tmletzko.

I just updated the description with the winning banner of #14

@Tanuja_Doriya There are two issues with the banner:

  • In the slider, the whitespace between the "read later" link and the period should be removed.
  • The content of the use of funds overlay is outdated.

Apart from that, everything looks good to go.