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Visualize actual time that has passed
Open, Needs TriagePublicFeature


Add a timeline element to RevisionSlider, to visualize the actual time from first edit to current edit. For instance, to show big periods of non-editing time as gaps.
This could also just be one static image at the start, so that one can see quickly see the chronological dynamics over time, or years could be shown as labels on the existing chart.


Event Timeline

To elaborate on possible #cheapUIimplementation (for tech resource use) with pre-rendered images of 'typical' timeline waveforms:
#1 make a spectrum of relatively few (lets say 8 to 20) 'typical' timeline waveforms
#2 render them and assign to pages that were rendered at least once in 6 months by using AI
#3 ask for feedback and evaluate if this is useful to enable across wider set of pages/projects