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Design: add implementations via code or composition
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Discovery and definition

  • Goal setting (problem statement, hypotheses) and team-wide presentation
  • Design brief (goal, user stories, research needed, key user flows)

Research and plan

  • Conduct first round of usability testing with 2–3 variants of design proposals, being sure to center target audiences and measuring impact on accessibility goals and guardrails. Surface possible biases in user testing
  • Share outcomes of usability testing with internal and external stakeholders

Design and develop

  • High fidelity design proposal with variants
  • Share design updates (metawiki, newsletter)
  • Ask for community input

(Engineering implementation happens here)

Test and iterate

  • Test concept via an Alpha, Beta or Prototype with partner communities and those potentially impacted by feature, in their preferred language

Implement and refine

  • Design review on updated software

Completion checklist
Before closing this task, review one by one the checklist available here: