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🎬️ mobile-de-11 | Add "Remind me later" feature to the micro banner | ⏰ Nov 28th
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Test Scope
We want to test the effect of moving the e-mail notification feature ("Remind me later") into the micro banner.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The banners are based on control banner of mobile-de-10.
  • The additional control banner height that was introduced to match the variant's height is removed again.
  • The variant micro banner has a third button below the existing two (similar to design file).
  • The button is labelled as "Erinnerung per E-Mail".
  • Clicking on the button
    • opens the e-mail address form overlay introduced in the variant of mobile-de-10.
    • stops the banner close countdown.

Banner Preview
control banner
variant banner

Event Timeline

kai.nissen renamed this task from 🎬️ mobile-de-11 | Test scope | ⏰ Nov 28th to 🎬️ mobile-de-11 | Add "Remind me later" feature to the micro banner | ⏰ Nov 28th.Nov 25 2022, 4:16 PM

The second form page and the email address form overlay need a little tweaking:

  • The second form page should have a < Zurück element instead of an X.
  • The new button should have the same color as the others.
  • The checkbox label should be left aligned.
  • The font weight of all elements in the overlay is too high.

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 09-54-47.png (669×377 px, 72 KB)
Overlay in mobile-de-10-var

Screenshot from 2022-11-28 09-54-41.png (669×377 px, 56 KB)
Overlay in mobile-de-11-var