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Special:Preferences broken with Slovenian locale
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Author: andrej_lajovic

I have changed the language on Special:Preferences page to slovenian and seeing
that some slovenian characters are not displayed properly I wanted to change it
back to english. However when I tried to access the preferences page, I got the
following error:

utf8_decode_array given non-array


  • LanguageLatin1.php line 39 calls wfdebugdiebacktrace()
  • LanguageLatin1.php line 94 calls utf8_decode_array()
  • SpecialPreferences.php line 348 calls languagelatin1::getdateformats()
  • SpecialPreferences.php line 114 calls preferencesform::mainprefsform()
  • SpecialPreferences.php line 21 calls preferencesform::execute()
  • SpecialPage.php line 309 calls wfspecialpreferences()
  • SpecialPage.php line 220 calls specialpage::execute()
  • index.php line 93 calls specialpage::executepath()

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


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jeluf wrote:

Works for me, I think. Can you provide the URL where you got this error?

andrej_lajovic wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

Works for me, I think. Can you provide the URL where you got this error?

I go to, log in as "Natrij", go back to main page and click
"nastavitve" (that's "preferences" in slovenian) and get the described result.
The URL is

jeluf wrote:

Fixed in CVS HEAD and REL1_4
Deployed to server farm