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View Figma file to learn about sizing/location/correct logo file


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@dang Favicon looks good.

Logo on cloud page is not according to specs.

image.png (127×582 px, 13 KB)

This purple padding of 16px left and right can be removed. The logo should can be aligned with the side of the page. since it seems like this padding is applied all around the header, you can just remove it entirely (the 16px on the left and right, not the top and bottom padding) since it serves no purpose on the right side (next to the sign up button) either.

image.png (127×542 px, 13 KB)

there should be a padding of 14px to the right of the logo (sorry for the typo in figma, it said 64px before in writing but the object properties were correct). Currently there's no padding at all.

let me know if you have any questions!

@Charlie_WMDE FYI, the purplepadding is default by v-toolbar,

@Charlie_WMDE May I change the logo right padding to 16px? it's easier to set at 16 than 14px...

had a chat with dat and everything looks great!

Few things I noticed:

  1. Favicon on Firefox doesn't appear (works for Chrome)
  2. Favicon on mobile Chrome doesn't appear (works for Safari)
  3. Logo breaks mobile header (too big), we need to scale the menu items better

I reckon 3. should be done later, but 1. and 2. should be fixed.

@dang @Charlie_WMDE

@Evelien_WMDE none of the two first points appear when i test it, so i'm not sure where the problem lies.

The third points is completely true and i already added it to the list that linda is compiling of stuff to fix before leaving beta.

Nvm firefox thingy is solved, ancient cache

Point 2 remains. Seems to be an Iphone things since this problem does not appear when using android

I can see the favicon on an iphone - is it maybe also caching whats going on here? Or am I looking at the wrong thing? :D

iPhone 8, iOS 15.6.1
Chrome version 110.0.5481.83

iphone-wikibase-favicon.jpg (1×719 px, 66 KB)

no, that, looks correct. are you using the chrome app? @Deniz_WMDE

no, that, looks correct. are you using the chrome app? @Deniz_WMDE

yes version 110.0.5481.83

hm, then i have no idea what's going on. Maybe @Evelien_WMDE can check her version number?

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