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Special:Notifications shows the date in English and not in Kurdish on ku.wikipedia
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When I go to , I see the date in English:

צילום מסך מ־2022-12-05 14-40-52.png (511×1 px, 100 KB)

The date string probably comes from moment.js. This library has localization for ku, although the content appears to be in the Arabic script, so perhaps it's better for ku-arab or ckb locale. But in any case, we see it in English, and not even in Arabic-script Kurdish.

What complicates things further is that Moment.js appears to be going into maintenance mode, which may make contributing correct Latin-script localization harder. But if that is done, can the translators at least be sure that it will be used in MediaWiki?

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ckb.wikipedia has the same problem. In their case, tho, the numbers are in Arabic script but the month names are in English.

me-widgets-dateinput.png (552×668 px, 73 KB)
I would like to point out I couldn't find anywhere to translate the pictured date table to Kurdish, as well. Maybe it's a similar problem?

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@DMburugu do you want to put this under our maintenance epic for this year?