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Footer text is too small on desktop
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Steps to replicate the issue (include links if applicable):

  • Log in with a user in an "impact unactivated" state ( eg. newcomer with 0 edits )
  • Navigate to Special:Homepage on desktop
  • Check the font size of the user impact footer text Start with a few suggested edits, then see how many people are viewing your contributions here.

What happens?:
Footer font size is too small, 12.25px.

What should have happened instead?:
Footer font size should be 14px in desktop ( 1em, base font )
See Figma spec.

Software version (skip for WMF-hosted wikis like Wikipedia):
Spotted on testwiki 1.40.0-wmf.12

Other information (browser name/version, screenshots, etc.):

Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 12.33.10.png (1×2 px, 810 KB)

Introduced in Id3c6064979b678ac24a1a3e32f55467f6ac72f3f

Footer font size is 13px in mobile per above Figma spec but we're using 0.875em, small font, unreleased Codex Typography scale which converts to 14px on mobile.

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Change 865059 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sergio Gimeno; author: Sergio Gimeno):

[mediawiki/extensions/GrowthExperiments@master] User impact: fix small font in desktop

Change 865059 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/GrowthExperiments@master] User impact: fix small font in desktop

Etonkovidova subscribed.

Checked in testwiki wmf.14

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 2.21.01 PM.png (816×792 px, 152 KB)