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[[MediaWiki:Growthexperiments-claimmentee-confirm/fr]] translation issue
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This message uses the {{GENDER:optional username|text}}} function without passing a user name, so the default user name is the user reading the page ("you") and not the intended (fe)male mentor. Please pass that parameter explicitly.

Note: on the opposite, various messages in that message group are passing a username parameter (like $1) to the GENDER: function for the singular "you"/"your": this is superflouous in all these messages because this should be the default everywhere (though, this does not break, so this is not really a bug, but this is a sign that there was a confusion about what is the default user referenced).

So such messages should be like {{GENDER:|your}} {{GENDER:$2|mentor}}, but '''not'' like {{GENDER:$1|your}} {{GENDER:|mentor}}.

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I finally got a while to check on this, and I realized it's not really possible to have proper gender support in this message, because we implemented T244265: Allow to add more than one mentee at once in Special:ClaimMentee. Since T244265, Special:ClaimMentee allows mentors to enter more than one username, and to change the assigned mentor for all of the users. This means that the word "mentor" in this message doesn't relate to a single mentor, but potentially, to dozens of mentors.

I'm in favor of actually removing the gender keyword here, and suggest in the message documentation/qqq that the word mentor should be translated in a gender-agnostic way. That said, I'm not sure if that's really posible in the different languages we have, and I'm happy to agree on a different solution here. @Trizek-WMF, do you have any opinion here?

Removing the gender key could be a blocker for some languages. The Growth team indeed asks to use neutral terms, which is -- alas -- not always possible for some languages (By "not always possible", I put aside users who refuse to use neutral terms that exist for personal reasons).

For the message we discuss about, the system looks for the current mentor, as the action is not yet done, no? So, if I'm not wrong, their gender is known?

For the message we discuss about, the system looks for the current mentor, as the action is not yet done, no? So, if I'm not wrong, their gender is known?

Yes, but Special:ClaimMentee allows mentors to mass-claim mentees (by putting several usernames to the field), see below for a screenshot:

image.png (396×736 px, 30 KB)

If Test user 01 is mentored by "Male mentor", and Test user 02 is mentored by "Female mentor", there is no single gender that can be used in the "Yes, I really want to change the mentor" confirmation message.

Maybe a fix can be to create a new message that'd say "Yes, I really want to change the mentors" (plural instead of singular) if more than one username is entered?

Oh, got it. It is the confirmation step for the mentor, not for the mentee.

So yes, the message itself should be changed for something with no notion of gender: "yes, I really confirm the change". The confirmation step is really close to the action performed, hence it is not necessary to re-mention the idea of changing mentors.

Change 886363 had a related patch set uploaded (by Urbanecm; author: Urbanecm):

[mediawiki/extensions/GrowthExperiments@master] [i18n] Rephrase Special:ClaimMentee's confirmation message

Thanks @Trizek-WMF! Let's go for that; I used "Yes, I really want to proceed" in the patch above.

Change 886363 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/GrowthExperiments@master] [i18n] Rephrase Special:ClaimMentee's confirmation message

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Checked in testwiki wmf.24 - "Yes, I really want to proceed" confirmation message is in place.

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