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Extend session time limit for SecurePoll on the voting wiki
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I saw a site notice that wmf wants input on an opt-in personal image hiding feature.

Following it I got to a website describing the "feature" and telling that it has already been decided to add it, instead of the expected poll, then sending me back to the wiki in order to start the poll.

I do as requested and again I do not get to the poll but a page telling me that again I must go elsewhere.

I go there, and I finally find a questionaire and yet another description, telling me how to fill it in this time.

I have already spent more time on it than I was ready to give, but so as to not make it a complete loss, I start reading the description, which appears not to fit with the questionaire.

Ok, it is an apparent translation error which I find out a bit later, one of the more common kind, one to happen automatically if the translator does not see the page, of which he is only translating isolated sentences / words one at a time.

I note that in the textareas below the questionaire in two languages.

I click radiobuttons, finding a question not making real sense, or being usesless. I write down, in two languages, that it is so, and why I think it is.

I finish selecting radio buttons.

Having come to the conlusion that the idea of implementing something like that in a multicultural and neutral way would probably mean not implementing it at all, I decide that I should communicate that, too. I also came to realize that I have immense doubt that having a small and simple list of possible selections would be possible and would work out in reality - I should rather say that am certian, it wouldn't be possible and that a list like that will rapidly grow considerably beyond 100 items, if we only collect those fields of unwanted materials that are - on a worldwise scale - well known to exist somewhere.

I write all this down in one language, adding a few dozen samples of categories including one or two contries or cultures each, where this kind of materials is generally deemed inappropriate content.

Then I translate it to the other language.

I reread everything and check that my answers are correct and my proses are error-free.

I click the button to submit the questionaire.

Having read all this, you will understand my feelings of frustration and being wasted when you read the next line which I quote verbatim:

You've not been recognized by the system. Make sure that you've followed the instructions on How to vote page and that you've enabled cookies for this domain.

Trust me. I did all this. A quick try reveals: There is a timer built in. If you do not answer quick enough, you're out. This is absolutely not acceptable. Do you want quick and superficial answers? Do you want to forbid that people may be interrupted and return later? What is this good for?
And by the way, the error mesage appears like wrong English to me.

Closing my test-window, I return to the result page from above. The bowsers "back" button usually would bring me back to the filled questionaire, which I then can resend with a freshly set timer. Not so this time - tha page is made in a way inhibiting the "back" button to do anything useful, or retain the previously entered data.

This is the 3rd time if I recall it right that I report this or a similar sort of not-a-bug-but-rather-some-sort-of-intentional-sabotage about a poll run by the wmf.
I for one currently expect me not to participate in such polls any more.

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It looks like it'd be nice to be able to bump the session expiry time — we definitely don't want to discourage considered voting. I'll look into that.

In future, it would be helpful if you limited your bug reports to describing the behaviour you are seeing, the behaviour you expect to see (if it's unclear), and, optionally, a suggested fix. It's time consuming and difficult to respond accurately to bug reports when this information isn't provided perspicuously.

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I saw a site notice
Following it I got to a website

Purodha: These instructions are too vague without clear web addresses (URLs) to reproduce them in your steps.

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It looks like it'd be nice to be able to bump the session expiry time — we
definitely don't want to discourage considered voting. I'll look into that.

Andrew: Was this done?

I have no idea if this system is still in use somewhere, or what "SPI" stands for. Andrew?

Andre, when the SecurePoll extension has been used for WMF board elections, votes have been tallied on a third-party server to protect the secrecy and integrity of the ballot. SPI (Software in the Public Interest, a non-profit organization established by the Debian Project) has been that third party.

The next WMF board election will start on June 1, 2013.

The domain is currently . Users don't have local accounts there, they are authenticated via the wiki they come from. I don't know what the current expiry time is.