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Request increased Volume Storage quota for globaleducation Cloud VPS project
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Project Name: globaleducation

Type of quota increase requested: Volume Storage (+ 200GB)

Reason: The 295GB cinder volume that holds the Programs & Events Dashboard database is currently 91% full (and periodically adds temporary tables that could bring it higher). I'd like to enlarge to make sure we don't run into full disk problems in the near future. The database has grown a lot in the last year, mostly because of the increased usage of the Dashboard for tracking high-volume Wikidata projects.

(previous request at T300397)

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I highly recommend investing on cleanups, review if there's data you don't need and such, it's a lot of growth!

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Thanks! @dcaro I have some longer term plans to reduce the data requirements — basically, eliminate the need to store revision data long-term, which is the bulk of the disk usage — but it will require some significant architecture adjustments to get to that point.