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Add RSS/Atom support to sal tool
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It would be nice to be able to follow a server admin log (e.g. the production one, or the one of a specific tool) using a feed reader, by having generate RSS and/or Atom versions of the logs. Currently, you can get an RSS feed of the production SAL via the Mastodon account (, cf. T52109), but that’s not available for other logs; or you can get MediaWiki’s Atom feed of the edits on any SAL page, and accept that the content contains a wikitext diff instead of just the new log entry. I don’t think either of these is an ideal solution.

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I offer an initial implementation:

This PR only implements an “unparameterized” log – the 50 latest entries of some SAL. I don’t think the p (page), i (limit?) and d (date) parameters of the normal SAL page make much sense for a feed, but I could imagine q being useful: subscribe to only production SAL entries that mention “page”, for example. If that seems useful, it should be possible to add as well.

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