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tbs: user-story 1 - Create a "reporting bugs" section on how to open a bug task
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The task is to create a section under where there's a small explanation on where to report a bug (generic for now).

This includes creating the phabricator template link that creates a task under the tbs.

Double check with @KHernandez-WMF if we want a new tag too to follow up support tickets instead of mixing also with other ones.

We can use @bd808's handy to create the task link template :)

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Change 880418 had a related patch set uploaded (by Slavina Stefanova; author: Slavina Stefanova):

[cloud/toolforge/toolforge-cli@main] cli: Display helpful error message when the service is down

I've created a basic bug report template for now, adding only the Toolforge Build Service tag:

@KHernandez-WMF Should we have a specific support tag, as mentioned in the task description?

I've added a small section to the wikitech docs, linking to the template:

@Mouhieddinek and @dcaro any idea what the requirements for this task is? this should be easy to review but I have no idea what to look out for looking at the task description.

The text and template made by @Slst2020 looks good! This can be closed unless someone else wants to adjust wording.