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tbs: user-story 8 - I want to delete builds.
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As a Toolforge user I want to be able to delete builds

How do we know it's done?

Feature: I want to delete builds


Given I'm logged in as a tool (after ssh + become mytool)

Scenario: Delete a given build

Given that I started a build with id {id}
When I run the command toolforge build delete {id}
Then the build is removed from my builds
And I don't see the build when running build list
And I get build not found when running build show {id}

Scenario: Service is down

When I run the command toolforge build list and the service is down
Then I see an error message telling me the service is down
And the message gives me actionable feedback
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@dcaro I am a little bit unsure how to handle tracking tasks like this. We just move it to done and close it since the task under it has been merged?

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