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Create jQuery replacements for injectSpinner and removeSpinner
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Author: john

Right now there is no jQuery compatible replacement for /(inject|remove)Spinner/

Do it right now!

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john wrote:

Spinner plugin

Add a spinner after an element

$( '#mw-abusefilter-syntaxcheck' ).injectSpinner( 'abusefilter-syntaxcheck' );

Create a spinner element and return it

$.createSpinner( 'abusefilter-syntaxcheck' );

Remove a spinner element

$.removeSpinner( 'abusefilter-syntaxcheck' );


So FYI there are already jquery spinner plugins in MwEmbed and UploadWizard.

Can we just pick one? :)

john wrote:

Applied in r95445

To be honest I did look at those 2 implementations but I didn't feel they were general enough, and were both sort of odd. This is a direct replacement for injectSpinner found in wikibits.js, and will aid in developers who are making a transition from old style JS to use jQuery.