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Make it possible for a template to only appear once in a collection
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would you please add possibility to have exception for some templates in book maker (pdf export extention)?
for example:
I want to make a book that is about the first world war and there are 30 articles that are related to this topic.
all of them have template:the first world war. for book it is not good to repeat this template 30 times!

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There is already a way to exclude templates by putting them in one of two categories: Templates in category "Exclude in print" or in blacklist "MediaWiki:PDF Template Blacklist" are excluded. Could either of those solve your problem?

thank you! it is it possible to have them for one time? specially for navebox?

sure, if you need that and can't do it, you'll have to ask onwiki, not in bugzilla.

I mine is it possible to have specific template only one time instead of none or many times?

Ah, that wasn't clear from the initial bug report