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Nuke keeps previously deleted pages as to-be-deleted when run repeatedly
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Scenario: a user has uploaded 20 images.
Nuke is run to delete the first 10 images.
Then Special:Nuke is called again. Now the first 10 images are still shown as "to be deleted" (but without thumbs). Deleting 20 images in this list results in error messages for the first 10 "cannot be deleted" (yes, we know, they have already been deleted).

Version: 1.18,

Not tested with pages, only with files.

EDIT: @mattflaschen does see it with pages.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Can you confirm this is still present with the latest version of Nuke? If it is, I'll have a look.

I have just run into the bug, again. I can confirm it is present in MediaWiki 1.18.1.

Furthermore, I would just have to delete a large number of images, but this is impossible. Although more than the default limit of 500 images per user can be found (I used 5000 and although I did not count, the length of the created page is plausible) and are then displayed with a checkbox in front, only a subset of these can be deleted.

Please test it on any test system, for me it is sufficient to find 10 images, then only delete the first 2, and run Nuke again. The first two, deleted images are listed again, with a checkbox in front, but without an image thumb (they are, indeed, deleted). Exectuting the Nuke for the first 4 images deletes the latter two and reports that the first 2 cannot be deleted (which is correct, because they already are deleted).

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I do see it with pages when testing locally.

Just noting here that I saw this too, still.

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It seems the actual bug was fixed, but instead, the already deleted files are deleted again (for example