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Change namespaces configuration - pl.wikipedia
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Author: beau

I would like to request a configration change for pl.wikipedia (file:

Create a new namespace Archiwum and its talk Dyskusja_archiwum (need to run maintenance script namespaceDupes.php afterwards).

'plwiki' => array(
    NS_PROJECT_TALK => 'Dyskusja_Wikipedii',
    NS_USER => 'Wikipedysta',
    # Lower case w in wikipedysty as per bug #10064
    NS_USER_TALK => 'Dyskusja_wikipedysty',
    100 => 'Portal',
    101 => 'Dyskusja_portalu',
    102 => 'Wikiprojekt',
    103 => 'Dyskusja_Wikiprojektu',
    104 => 'Archiwum',
    105 => 'Dyskusja_archiwum',

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Severity: normal


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Index: InitialiseSettings.php

  • InitialiseSettings.php (revision 2235)

+++ InitialiseSettings.php (working copy)
@@ -4365,6 +4365,8 @@

		101 => 'Dyskusja_portalu',
		102 => 'Wikiprojekt',
		103 => 'Dyskusja_Wikiprojektu',

+ 104 => 'Archiwum',
+ 105 => 'Dyskusja_archiwum',

	'ptwiki' => array(
	  NS_USER => 'Usuário', # bug 27495

No dupes found!

$ php namespaceDupes.php plwiki

Looks good!

Notified users in #wikipedia-pl IRC channel.

Have fun with the new namespace :-)

There have been serious doubts raised in the community about this (including myself). This is introduced to resolve some problems with article history merging/splitting.

In my opinion this should be done on the database level (revision and archive) tables and launching a whole new namespace for this is simply wrong.

Please revert this change until the proper solution is agreed on.

beau wrote:

Sorry for the mess, but I agree that the change should be reverted. I thought there was a consensus for the change, but it seems that not everyone interested noticed the discussion during almost two months...