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Frequent 404 responses from wikibase cloud instances, downtime up to 2 minutes
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Over the last 2 or 3 days, I get 404 responses, and that is new (using API bot, but also Quickstatements gets stuck, and I think it is with that), and these downtimes last some minutes. When accessing in the browser in these timeframes, one gets "You have requested the domain: [wikibase-url]. But that wiki can not currently be loaded. It may never have existed, or it might now be deleted.", which sounds frightening. After a couple of minutes, everything gets back to normal. This happens several times a day.

I have checked, and not only the instance I was writing to was affected; in these downtimeframes, other wikibase cloud instances also do not respond. I am doing normal bot writing tasks, that should not be the reason.

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I'm experiencing the same thing. Quickstatements hangs after +/- 35 edits today.

In this error log (mwclient warnings log), 502 and 404 responses appear. 502 is very frequent, 404 not that frequent but several times a day. I don't know if the 404 problem is related to the 502 problem (T309070). The 502 problem is not new, while I never had got 404 until the last three or four days.

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After increasing the number of backend-api pods we expect this to have stopped. Will close as resolved
see: T342419