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Property name gets renamed in case a value starts with a colon (1.8 alpha)
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I just realised that the name of a property gets "renamed" and is thus listed as a wanted property after the entry of an invalid property value. The normal behaviour would be to throw a message that the property value is not valid. This happens if the property value starts with a colon, e.g. ":0049 30 12345678" as a value for the property "Ruf" would result in a wanted property "Ruf:" with the value "0049 30 12345678". Additionally the value gets displayed like a property value of datatyp page though the defined datatype of the property "Ruf" is telephone number. The same happens to datatype quantity and temperature. I have recreated this at scratchy:

MW 1.17.0 and SMW 1.5.6 or SMW 1.6.1, probably happening to SMW 1.6.0 and SMW <1.5.6 though not tested.

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This problem still persists on SMW 1.8 alpha and MW 1.18.3

I just tried to add a space in front of the colon as suggested for properties containing something like "<" [1], but this did not help the cause either.


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See pull request 1066 which should solve this issue and is scheduled for SMW 2.3