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Firefox do not starts when running WebPageReplay
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It seems like something has happened on the Samsung phone, the last days we had more log errors like this:

[bitbar webpagereplay] [2023-01-02 08:49:56] ERROR: BrowserError: Could not start firefox with 3 tries

We still have data in Graphite so it some of the runs that fails. There hasn't been any update on our side and Firefox is the same version so it looks like something going on at BitBar, but I need better logs to know.

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There's some more info:

Address not available (os error 99)

Change 874774 had a related patch set uploaded (by Phedenskog; author: Phedenskog):

[performance/mobile-synthetic-monitoring-tests@master] Update from Firefox 105 to Firefox 108 (WebPageReplay).

Change 874774 merged by jenkins-bot:

[performance/mobile-synthetic-monitoring-tests@master] Update from Firefox 105 to Firefox 108 (WebPageReplay).

This was fixed when increasing the timeout for the bitbar tests.

Another intresting fix was that when memory was increased in the Docker container Firefox tests, it was instead decreased. We fixed that now with dev-shm settings and hopefully we will also get rid of the marionette errors,