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Unable to Log into Gerrit UI or Pull/Push from Terminal
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As of today I am unable to log into the gerrit UI or interact with the analytics repo via terminal. My credentials have not changed, and I am still able to log into other associated portals (wiki tech, phab, etc.). User name should be jmando and

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hashar added a subscriber: hashar.

The Gerrit account jmando has been deactived on Tue Dec 6 19:24:23 2022 +0000

It is similar or might be the same as T306297. We have blocked a user JM ( It had some error logged: Gerrit user active status change (DELETE) of jm failed:.

If I remember we pass the username being banned (JM) to lowercase (jm) and Gerrit finds the first user matching it (see lookup order at That matched your account somehow and you got disabled.

I will reenable the account.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2023-01-03T17:38:21Z] <hashar> gerrit: reactivated account for jmando using gerrit set-account 9431 --active | T326159

Should be good now. If it still does not work, please reopen the task.

The root cause is T306297