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Desktop version fine on mobile UNTIL clicking "disable mobile view"
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Author: droid.elf

With an original Droid with froyo, browsing via Opera Mobile, the default wikipedia view is an annoying scaled down mobile view, so I usually scroll down and click on "desktop view" to get the normal desktop view, which renders perfectly when accessed in that manner.

After doing this many times, I decided to click on the button that purports to permanently disable the annoying mobile version. Strangely, after I did this, Wikipedia began to render as a different type of scaled-down mobile view, with the right side bar contents missing, the same as they are also missing in the prior mobile view, instead of the desktop view I requested, and there is no longer a link at the bottom to access the real desktop view.

Since there was no problem viewing the normal desktop view when accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of the original mobile view, there is no good reason for an alternate mobile version to appear instead of the desktop view, after clicking on a request to disable mobile view.

I should be taken directly to the full desktop view, not given a different version of the annoying scaled-down mobile view which omits the right side-bar images and tables.

Fortunately I can use the Dolphin HD browser to cloak my smartphone as a desktop in order to get the good desktop view and buypass the annoying mobile re-directs on all websites.

However, I wanted to bring this bug to your attention for the sake of those using Opera Mobile.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: other
Platform: Other



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Thanks for reporting this, sorry there has been no response until now.

We have actually changed this functionality in trunk with r113865 (it will hopefully be deployed later this week or sometime next week).

We've removed the 'permanently disable mobile view' link and replaced the 'View this page on regular <sitename>' with 'Desktop view'. Clicking on 'Desktop view' will keep you on the desktop view until you explicitly elect to go back to the mobile view, or the cookie expires.