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Add primary key and drop unique index on cn_notice_projects on wmf wikis
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Apply T312272 to wmf wikis

  1. ALTERs to run:
  2. Where to run those changes: centralnotice
  3. When to run those changes: any time
  4. If the schema change is backwards compatible: Yes
  5. If the schema change has been tested already on some of the test/beta wikis: beta already running with the new schema
  6. if the data should be made available on the labs replicas and/or dumps: no change of the existing rules

Due to a bug in the schema change generator (T314138) the DROP + ALTER should be rewritten to be atomic:

alter table cn_notice_projects drop key np_notice_id_project, ADD  PRIMARY KEY (np_notice_id, np_project);

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2023-01-04T14:13:23Z] <marostegui> dbmaint deploy schema change on s7 eqiad T326226